Liza Bernstein

I'm a 3rd Culture Kid—South Africa, France, USA—and a 3-time Cancer survivor. Some of my passions include the application of User-Centered Design, Innovation, Strategy, and Advocacy/Engagement for social and environmental impact.

I began using social media for patient advocacy and engagement in late 2010 and never looked back. I quickly discovered the innovative field of Health Care Social Media (#HCSM) and its most exciting expression: Stanford Medicine X, in which I've participated as an ePatient Scholar since 2011. That involvement led to a position on the Medicine X 2012-2014 ePatient Advisory Board (yes, patients co-design this medical conference!), and now as a Medicine X Social Media Producer.

I'm passionate about connecting and collaborating across vastly differing cultures and silos. Français, Español, and Portugûes are some of my favorite languages. I'll do whatever it takes to facilitate understanding and communication—I'm no stranger to mime and improvised sign language which have the added benefit of yielding lots of laughs.

This informs my work in Design Thinking—as I write this (September, 2014), I am still buzzing from participating in two world-class, day-long workshops: the 2014 Medicine X - IDEO Design Challenge, and the Bruce Mau - A Hundred Years -Los Angeles River Revitalization Corporation Design Thinking Day.

I occasionally blog here about topics from being an #ePatient (empowered, engaged), to Breast Cancer, to Digital Health and Design. I express my point of view on art, design, and all things visual here. However, I'm most often on Twitter where all the great online conversations happen.

The ceramic sculpture in the background is my work