Liz Lansdown

Hi, my name is Liz.

I have just started my career as a Trainee Associate Producer for an expanding video games company. It is a career that I am happy to have chosen as I am not only good at it (so far) but I also feel that is the best place for me to contribute to the wonderfully creative and technically challenging products that are video games.

After that I have to admit I always find it hard to sum myself up in small snippets in pages like this, I’ve had a varied, exciting, educational and above all experience acquiring life up until now. The path I have followed has not always been a direct one, but I have always learned something from each twist and turn I have taken.

So I suppose that does sum me up, I am always thirsty for experience and knowledge, and like my Mum and my Grandfather I like to research and I like to tinker. From web applications to model railways I find an interest and a joy in so many things that really require several lifetimes to explore to my satisfaction.

As such I invite you to check out my profiles on the various sites linked to from here to learn more.