Liz Lansdown

Hi, my name is Liz. I am currently studying for an MSc in Video Game Enterprise and Production.

I have a passion for video games as it is an industry that combines so many different disciplines from across the arts, science and technology areas. Video games themselves are still young and it is a fascinating time to be part of it.

When I’m not lost in the world of games I am primarily found lost in a good book. :) I love to travel when I get the chance and I have an odd passion for steam engines. I have a love of music and try to make a point of seeing my favourite artists live. I enjoy researching topics that catch my eye and I have keen interest in art, history, technology, and science.

Overall I have an interesting and varied path that I have taken to get to where I am today and it is not one I would swap as it has provided me with a wealth of different experiences.