Lawrence Jones

Distributor of the Brake Guard HD-400 And the Brake Guard HD-500 System. If You Own A RV Or Tow a trailer or 5th wheel, You Need This Product! Watch My Video! Designed for safer braking for heavy vehicles, Such as RV's, Motorhomes, Pickups towing trailers or 5th wheels, Ambulances, Fleets, Any vehicle with hydraulic brakes. Stop Faster, Shorter, No More Brake Fade! Always Safer With Brake Guard. Example a 18,000 lb rig at 60 MPH Brake Guard will stop your rig 150' shorter or more! Go to and watch the video. I travel full time in an RV. Going from state to state selling my product at RV resorts and rallies. I will install the system and we will do a test drive . If you are not thrilled I will remove system and no charge to you. Nothing to lose! My favorite place to work is Texas! Looking For Full Time RV'ers To Sell And earn an extreme income while you travel. Brake Guard Contact info Or Call Toll Free 877-403-6363 Single and full time in my RV. Call Me!!!