Lokman Salikoon
I dream to be a film maker. I love animals, no matter how small it is. I save snails crawling across foot paths from being crushed. I have a fear of cockroaches. I love traveling. I'm not a afraid to cry at a good moment. I pretend people on the train to break into a musical when i hear a good song on my iPod. I fantasize about how an action sequence can take place around me aka Micheal Bay/Jerry Bruckheimer style. I'm a neat freak. Love movies. Love good food. I like exploring how the human mind works and how people think the way they do and why they do that. Psychology. Sociology. Closet chick flick fan. Enjoy the littlest things in life. Love seeing dust floating in a a sun ray. I like running my hands along an old wall and imagining how it was back in the days (instant time travel). Love looking at a cat's paw. Like making mud dice. I wanna travel the world. Meet different people. Live in different houses. I try to make everyone happy. I'm open minded. i believe empathy is the key to peace. I believe we're not the only being in this universe. I can't spell for nuts. I treat everyone that comes along my journey through life as my teacher, there is always something i can learn from them. I'm a good listener.