Christopher Lotito has served as Corresponding Secretary of the Pequannock Historic District Commission since 2005.  As Secretary of both the Open Space Advisory Commission and Flood Advisory Committee boards and member of the Environmental Commission, Lotito is a veteran volunteer of Pequannock's many boards.

A lifelong resident of Pequannock, Lotito attended the Pequannock school system, graduated from Drew University in 2004, and has studied business at the University of Reykyavik.

Lotito is a local business owner, working as President of Lotito Technical Services, a computer repair and IT company he founded.  Lotito is a local history expert, working with Wikipedia and The Internet Archive to protect our region's history, as well as an accomplished photographer whose visual design work has been used by regional historical societies in New York State and elsewhere and featured in the National September 11th Memorial Museum's Artist Registry.