Louis Bullock

Born in Australia, I grew up in a talented family, and from a young age I became interested in art.

Throughout my schooling life I've shown my skills as an artist, and become highly interested in the area of design, especially in graphic and web design.

Having completed my SACE, I'm now doing odd designs here and there, studying my way to an Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design, producing music, drawing, constantly creating and experimenting.

My interests revolve around graphic & web design, photography, illustration, digital and traditional art, typography, the colour navy blue, and music production.

Work availability

I'm currently available for freelance work.

Keep up to date with me

Take a look at my recent shots on Dribbble, check out my deviantART gallery, listen to my tracks on SoundCloud, look at my photos on Pixtape, follow me on Twitter, and explore my Labs.