Luis Antezana

I am a digital communicator, using social platforms and marketing technologies to help brands reach their audience and create engaging experiences. To do this I serve as a social media strategist or a marketing technologist but in the big picture it means doing smart and creative things in the digital realm to meet business goals in real life, currently as a freelancer for creative agencies.

I've recently begun managing B2B social media for AT&T, hoping to bring some new life to their channels.

I just finished serving as the Director of Communications at American Advertising Federation, Seattle, connecting creatives in our city.

I most recently worked at Creature with some of the most creative people you've ever met.

I live in Seattle, a rich and diverse city, full of opportunity.

I love to play volleyball. Indoor, beach, grass, outer space - wherever.

I used to be a producer and remixer of electronic music and will return to it someday. I'll always be a musician. I currently play bass in an old-school, country-western band, The Bat Rastards. Go figure.