luis monteiro

As an architect I take into my hands the responsibility and the desire to design my surroundings, be it a dream house, a table out of wood pallets or an empty page... This is where you can find me during daylight...

As a photographer I try to see, instead of just looking, at a world that it's right in front of me throught the lens of a camera... Finding beauty in the ordinary at

Videography is a logic extension of my photography. It is a continuous work in progress, but one that it as fun as rewarding. A shared endeauver with friend and master Tiago Rosado, it depicts our view on the world around us through moving frames.

DOF magazine is my venture into the world of writing, editing, curating and publishing an online photography magazine / blog. It is a media format tasked to gather and publish photography artists discovered in the lost hours of internet mind traveling.

Last but not least, I'm a co-organizer of the Urban Photo Race. A one day (12h) digital photo contest in Amsterdam. Check it out at

When I'm not behind my computer or my camera, I'm either swinging my sword at Shinkendo classes or running the streets preparing for Ironmans and mountain hikes.

You can catch my attention with the smell of freshly brewed coffee.