Cofounder at Okuri Ventures, Tetuan ValleyStartup Bootcamp and Startup Spain. Founding partner and investor at Akaimedia, Arbco and Blue Nilak, and collaborator of other startups. Affiliate at Kauffman Global Partner Network.

Management Consultant with over 8 years experience advising multinationals and Private Equity firms in Business Development projects and financial Transactions at Okuri Ventures (Madrid), Monitor Group (London) and PwC Consulting / IBM (Madrid).

Mentor at Tetuan Valley (Madrid)StartupBootcamp (Copenhagen, Dublin, Madrid), Seedcamp (Barcelona)IBM Smartcamp (Barcelona, London)Gamma Rebels (Warsaw) and StartupHighway (Vilnius) accelerator programs, as well as collaborator in various training programs

INSEAD MBA (Fontainebleau). Bachelor of Science in International Business ICADE (Madrid), CBS (Copenhagen) and McGill (Montreal).