Luke Potter

Howdy, you've reached Luke.

I’m into technology, music, sport, video games, television and over using commas.

I’m a software developer, currently employed in the center of Ireland. I develop in mainly in Bash and Java. In the evenings, among other evening activities, I’m develop Android apps. I do really love technology, it’s my passion.

Music wise, I’m mainly into indie and rock, check out my page for more.

I go to the gym ~3-5 times a week. I'm also interested in cycling, soccer and tag rugby. I enjoy watching soccer and NFL matches and reading sports related gossip.

Video games I play are mainly Mac and Playstation Vita based. Mainly Football Manager and Persona 4: Golden, with some FIFA and Madden in there. Abit of GTA V never hurt anyone.

By saying I’m into television, is a bit of a technical overstatement. Television sucks ass, I’ll watch what I want when I want. The Netflix model is just the beginning.

I over use commas, I’m a comma, comma, comma-chameleon.