M. J. Stoddard

I was born in 1980 in the city of Elizabeth, NJ to Reagan and Margaret Stoddard and because of my father's ministries, I moved around from state-to-state, including Maryland and Pennsylvania. At the time, I was always to myself, especially during my middle and high school years, where I gamed, wrote, sketched, took martial arts--At the time, it was Taekwon-Do and Hup Kwan Do and played guitar.

After I graduated from high school, I worked full time starting out with a dude ranch in Millers, MD, to working construction. I then decided to go to retail and grocery, working for FedEx:Ground and at the time, I was going to HACC as a part-time student and majored in CADD and graduated in 2006. When I wasn't studying in some form, I read several books, including astronomy and physics and after having spent several years struggling on ways to perfect my ideas for a sci-fi series and illustrations using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, MS Paint, Bryce and Fontstruct.com. I discovered myself and with it, ideas that would forever change my stories and my life. A year later, I received an offer of publication, but was forced to decline because of limited financial resources.

Two years later, I met my future wife on-line. I was on the verge of my Black Belt Test in Isshinryu, when my life changed yet again. I soon moved to New Columbia and commuted almost an hour to my job. The year that followed I became a father, 1st Dan in TKD and a published author.

I currently live in Milton with my wife Christine, my son Isaiah and our two cats Emma and Tiger. I currently work as a valet, spending time with my family, working out, developing my own style of Karate(Hogosha-Do), fomerly Kuroyudo, because my style has adapted to that of many and pursuing the talents that I have been given. I am determined to be a full-time author, continuing in the series that I started, including prequels and sequels and other stories. I am now a martial arts instructor--pushing the envelope in both my self and my students. I am also collaborating with other martial artists with like philosophy, both as an instructor and as a student. I am also a member of a rising Christian rock band, "The Resurrected".

I am extremely confident that the design concepts and overall stories of "The Twilight Legacies" Universe has great potential for a feature film, MMORPG/videogames and much much more--THE NEXT BIGGEST FRANCHISE. If you wish to collaborate--please contact me.