Mack Lee

Thank you for stopping by!

I am interested in unique shoots and bold ideas. I am VERY outgoing and easy to work with and I take direction very well as I want the best out of each and every shot! I love collaborating and coming up with ideas for edgy shoots with photographers, so please, do voice your ideas.

I believe in being professional, and courteous, but I also believe that a good sense of humor can go a long way towards a healthy life and a good working relationship.

I'm very determined to do whatever my hearts passion strives for.
I love having a variety of looks in my shoots.
Adding plenty of unique and thought provoking material
is very important to me.

Overall, I'm a huge NERD ...although my images show a different side of me.

When it is a professional and creative environment amazing photos are made! Creating an amazingly unforgettable shot is what I love doing, so if your goal is that as well then lets shoot!