Mark Guadalupe

"Every startup project lays out a possibility to novel ideas and solutions."

I am a Scrum & Kanban Practitioner(Project Management with Ninja skills) who is not afraid to get his hands dirty if summoned.

8 years ago, I started as a PHP ninja, a MySQL/PostgreSQL warrior and a Linux pongo. ☺ I rarely freelance as Ruby and Python samurai. Be aware that I still have all these skills, you have been warned.

When opportunity knocks, I design 'idiot-proof', 'easy-to-use' but 'highly-interactive' user interface, forms, flows, and other interface elements for crucial interaction points. #UX #IxD

In addition to that, I offer strategic consulting aimed at focusing on the architecture & development effort in the best possible direction and provide customised, innovative and sophisticated solutions tailored to your business success.

To make your world better, 
1 pixel of design and one line of code 1/60 of a minute at a time. c',) is not how much you do, but how much love you put into the doing that matters