Manuel Vidaurre

me.born = "Guadalajara, Jal"
me.passions = {value: "adding more", meaning: "leaving a notch in life", people: "doing something to give them more happiness and freedom", software: "a way to adding more happiness and freedom to the people leaving a notch in life", gourmet: "my deepest sin", music: "eclectic tastes", art: "give happiness and color"]
me.skills = {mental: [:problem_solving, :good_memory, :abstract_thinking, :positive_attitude, :focus, :results_oriented],
social: [:listener, :learner, :mentor, :needs_elicitor, :mediator, :people_oriented ]}
me.programming = {
languages: [:ruby, :js, :html, :css, :coffeescript, :python, :scala, :elixir, :java, :c, :logo], skills: [:agiledev, :patterns, :continuos_improvement, :project_management, ], practices: [:software_craftsmanship, :test_first, :object_thinking, :solid_principles, :refactoring, :pair_programming, :collective_ownership], paradigms: [:domain_driven_design, :lean, :behaivour_driven_design, :scrum, :xp]. web_frameworks: [:rails, :sinatra,:ember.js], tools: [:cucumber, :rspec, :capybara, :git, :jquery, :sql, :mongodb]. segments: [:health, :real_state, :retail, :gis]}

me.past = {
jobs: {university_of_guadalajara: :chief_of_programming_and_analysis, panamerican_health_organization: => advisor_information_systems, johns_hopkins: lab_professor,
business: [:venyrent, :asdetec, :buzzurbano]}
me.present = {business: [:agiltec, :imber, :emagazine}