Marcos Ortiz

A young Data-Driven professional with a entreprenurial soul, focused to combine Business Analytics, Marketing Analytics and Inbound Marketing skills to become in a successful Data-Driven Marketing pro with a marked interest to work from conception to profits of savvy but at the same time cool Marketing campaigns for SMBs and major brands.

A big fan of Big Data Analytics, Cloud Computing (particularly Amazon Web Services focused on Analytics like Redshift, EMR, SimpleDB, etc), and a proud and long Linux user and advocate.

I'm a HootSuite Ambassador for LATAM region, so if you have any question or an idea about your Social Media Marketing strategy, I could help you to become in an even more efficient and data-driven marketer using HootSuite platform.

In few words: future CMO, Sr. PM for Big Data Analytics apps, Cloud geek, Linux advocate, Social Media & Content Marketing Strategist, BigData Influencer, blogs @, Content Strategy thinker, and a longlife Venture Capital deals learner. Mobile Advertising writer at Medium. HootAmb for LATAM

My inspiration:

  • My mother and my father