Marco Torregrossa

Founder at Euro Freelancers, a synergic network of independent EU affairs professionals and investors specialised in sustainability, collaborative innovation and crowd-sourcing solutions.

Named by PR News a creative practitioner in the EU affairs sector.

Policy and legal advisor specialised in impact assessment for environmental technologies (waste, water, soil, air), energy efficiency and renewables (buildings, transport).

Worked for the past years on multistakeholder approaches along the value chain with industry, financial community, governments and civil society to improve cross-sectoral collaboration and joint initiatives to align business, capital, markets and society more closely with the sustainability agenda.

As a policy expert in sustainable consumption and production, I am relentlessly building bridges between collaborative consumption and collaborative creation movements as a conduit to create skills, work, new forms of wealth and a resource efficient society.

Facilitator of numerous physical and virtual platforms, contributing to create win-win alliances, advocate policy change and build capacity of community leaders to scale innovations into various markets. Chair of several advisory boards and coalitions, building relationships with diverse constituencies that resulted in strategic partnerships.

Great passion for how the sharing economy and peer-to-peer networks enable and disrupt markets and regulations. I wrote over 250 blog posts and I am a frequent public speaker on the subject, thriving to be on the edge of EU policy and business.