Marc Philippe Joly

my creative process:

  1. explore
  2. analyse
  3. modelize
  4. dream about
  5. bring back to practical reality

my purpose: permeabilize worlds


  • My first step was running
  • I started to code on Apple// in the 90' . Now prefer OOP.
  • I speak several human languages, too.
  • I learned to play piano somehow.
  • I get good marks in drawing classes.
  • I'm trained to see things in 3D, 4D or more dimensions.
  • I get quickly bored when there is nothing to learn, play with or achieve.
  • people often say I'm unpredictable or E.T. Well… they may be wrong !


Important note: I hate fake social networks, so please don't mention this page in a public category unless you can tell me why.