Marcus Nelson

Marcus is a straight-talking thought leader and entrepreneur who's been featured in Fortune, Forbes, New York Times, Bloomberg, TechCrunch, & VentureBeat.

Leaning on an adventurous past of marketing for indy record labels, smuggling bibles into the former Soviet Union, backpacking throughout Europe without a dollar in his wallet, or modeling for J. Crew catalog with his twin brother — he may be the most interesting man you’ll read about in this bio.

He’s launched several successful companies, including: RockWater, the first Cyber-Cafe in Central Wisconsin; Superstarch, a design & user experience consultancy; and UserVoice, the prominent customer service platform which boasts 160,000 customers to date.

Marcus also spent three years at as a product marketer. He founded the social media management team, set engagement and escalation strategies, & crafted training materials for employees.

Most recently, Marcus was founder & CEO of Addvocate, which helps companies humanize their brand experience by enabling all employees to engage with customers.

Marcus also holds a patent for technology that determines a person's brand influence.