Maricris Nonato
I love programming, but its not what my entire life is composed of. I love nature and animals more than socializing. I enjoy spending time with my family and my cat. I'm a private person and I love sharing only the most important life stories with my closest friends. I'm a very organized person as well and I hate clutter. I love GTD and I count my blessings everday. I have had many blogs before, but I decided to compile all of my works in one place. Find my blog at Codes, Thoughts & Perceptions. I don't like coffee, though I love having tea while working. A cook who prepares good tasting dishes when I'm not infront of my machine. I find time to exercise on my own, if not doing yoga with a class. Walking and jumping rope is my favorite exercise aside from aerobics and stationary biking. On planned occasions, I would climb mountains, do boxing or join marathons. I'm also a music enthusiast, so I value silence and knows how to classify good music. I am an amateur violinist, but could definitely carry a tune when I sing! I recently learned how to do total immersion swimming, adding it to my daily activities. To top it all, I'm an aspiring gun shooting champion too! ;)