Marie Elisabeth Bernard

Several lifes, somehow intertwined...

Life #1   Graduated in Political Sciences, majored in International Business/European Law. Fell in love with my (now) husband. Then studied / graduated in Contemporary History and Sociology. Focused researches on how cities develop. Met incredible people.

Life #2   From culture activist to culture manager. Conducted my first interview of a stage director from a public booth. Hitch hiked to attend plays and performances in the most unlikely places. Fell in love with Beirut. A philarmonic orchestra, two opera houses, eventually working for a former UNESCO General Director. Met incredible people.

Life #3   From traditionnal marketing to marketing 3.0. Supported law firms' practice development. Played with (business) intelligence. Fell in love with Berlin. Between suitcases, mobile devices, eventually catching the virus of entrepreneurship. Met incredible people.

Eager to meet Life #4's incredible people.