Marieke van Dijk

The Entire Eco-System is a Design Opportunity.

Co-working at the University of Amsterdam and DesignThinkers Group. Preferably using Design thinking as a creative process for problem-solving. Achieving results by bringing new innovative methods into business process.

Experienced in motivating complex (creative/digital) teams and projects. Skilled in documenting use cases, proof of concepts and facilitating workshops. T-shaped profile, liking multidisciplinary teams.

- DesignThinkers Group
- Foundation, Principal affiliate
- Digital Methods Initiative (UvA)

European research projects

Involved in 'Mapping Controversies in Science and Politics' and 'Electronic Maps to Assist Public Science' directed by Bruno Latour, Media Studies and University of Amsterdam, 2011-2014.

Holds a university degree, M.Sc. in Design Research and B.Sc. in Industrial Design.

Design Principles for Innovation

  • Design with the user.
  • Understand the existing ecosystem.
  • Design for scale.
  • Build for sustainability.
  • Be data driven.
  • Use open data, open source, and open innovation.
  • Reuse and improve.
  • Do no harm.
  • Be collaborative.