Marie Wallace

A lover of technology with a fascination for all things analytics with particular interest in the role of analytics in transforming how we live & work.

I've spent the last decade building a range of analytics technology at IBM. I led IBM LanguageWare from small research project into an enterprise NLP technology that underpins dozens of IBM products, including IBM Watson. I led a semantic web research project that examined ways of leveraging knowledge graphs for analytics. Finally, I moved into the social business division, building technology that can analyze "people graphs" to generate new people-centric insights. Throughout my time at IBM I've also been an analytics advisor to IBM Global Business Services advising IBM clients on potential application and business benefits, working across geographies and industries.

I’ve a long-standing love for the humanities and as a result I sit on advisory boards for the Digital Repository of Ireland at the Royal Irish Academy, and the Digital Arts & Humanities PhD Program at Trinity College Dublin.

Finally, I'm a big fan of social media, enjoying the opportunity it gives me to meet a diverse bunch of passionate people. I have my own analytics blog @ and am fairly active on Twitter (@marie_wallace) and to a lesser extent on LinkedIn and Google+.