Mario Esposito

I am a multi-disciplinary person and a serial entrepreneur.

Design a consumer product from the ideation, through prototyping then to the final stage is my talent.

I go confidently trough code, PCBs, design, duct tape, a/b testing or elevator pitches. Whatever it takes to make it happen.

That is my only mantra in life as in business: get it done & right! I have a solid and explosive creativity when it comes to create value in the form of an experience and intellectual property.

My colleagues at Microsoft used to call me “Product Delivery Ninja". Release To Market products is my thing. Every idea or project may be the next big thing but without a pure hyper focused execution the failure is expected regardless of the value of the idea and its scope.

I unconventionally call my ability to keep the eye on the ball while executing: nazy-focus. Last thing that I brought to market for Microsoft where I worked for almost 14 years?

Lasso for Bing Search and Hands Detection for XBOX One.

In 2001 I founded my second start-up Kywix which developed and sold a multi featured iPad application, an e-textile technology and a revolutionary pizza oven. I wasn't kidding when I said that I am multidisciplinary.

In 2010 I co-founded Heapsylon a start-up that is aiming to be the next big thing in bodysensing technology for the wearable industry. Featured on NPR, Time Magazine and really many other places around the globe.

From the building block, to the design and it's name I am the inventor of Sensoria and many other assets in that ecosystem.

At a personal level, I am a positive person despite of the fact that I sleep only a few hours per night and not by choice, simplicity and a good sincere permament smile are my ultimate personal features; all sided by some Italian humor and outfits. I am married to a NW awesome girl and have 2 marvelous children.