Mario Pavlovic

Mobile software developer and wannabe entrepreneur, last year (summer of 2010) I’ve finished college with a Master’s degree in Software Engineering and spent my summer on work and travel experience in the USA. Till then I was heavily involved in web development and together with my best friend I’ve developed online traffic and voyage information system for a the Romanian government. This project was our Master’s thesis and it was developed in collaboration with Telegra, Croatian company that develops smart traffic systems.

After the summer of 2010 things changed. I’ve traveled all across the USA and experienced a different culture. When I came back home to Croatia I just had to face the facts. I had to be a man and admit to myself, I had to face the disturbance in the Force. I was no longer a web developer; my heart was captivated by mobile world. That’s how I became mobile software developer. I had some job offers in a web departments but I turned them down and started my job hunt for an iOS developr position. The hunt was not easy, because Croatian mobile scene is still in hmmm. Let’s call it in “its begging’s” to be polite. After a week or so I’ve found a company that offered everything I was looking for. Yes, I had almost half the salary that I could have had but God damn it I was happy little iOS developer.

I pointed out in the beginning of this rambling that I consider myself a wannabe entrepreneur. One of my (still) unfulfilled dreams is to work under someone that has entrepreneurship in a little finger, someone that knows and feels the game (e.g. Gary Vaynerchuk). So Gary, if you’re reading this shoot me an email, OK bud?! [BTW: Other people are welcome too :)]

If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook you probably know this but I’m gonna say it anyways. I really like to travel. I have bunch of places on my bucket list and I hope each year to come will bring at least couple of those places of the list. I’m still bummed out that we’re not gonna visit Argentina and Brazil for this New Year’s, but I promise you next year I’ll be on that hot Brazilian sun welcoming 2013 (under presumption that doomsday doesn’t screw up my plains).

I hope my career will take me many places and that I’ll have an opportunity to meat many, many great people, maybe one of them will be you. Till then I wish you all the best.