Mark Haidar

Mark Haidar is a solution-oriented technologist and entrepreneur with extensive experience in building complex technology solutions and frameworks. Mark has broad experience in nearly all forms of technology, including hardware embedded, software, mobile, web, database, networking, security and wireless. Mark's ability to combine his technological skills with astute business knowledge has enabled him to develop and grow several technology-based products and businesses.

Mark started his first technology company at age 17 while working on his computer engineering degree from Beirut Arab University in Lebanon. By the age of 21, Mark had architected, designed and developed the first fully integrated web-based university management system in Lebanon, the first 3D game engine built locally in the Middle East, the first wireless application protocol based internet-to-home remote control system in Lebanon and won a People's Choice Award for best web product in the Middle East for transforming municipality records from paper to digital.

In 2006, Mark moved to the USA and led the development of a state of the art research and development project for the US Army Tank Automotive Research Development Engineering Center (TARDEC). He was able to successfully research, design, develop, and validate an original service-oriented intra and inter-vehicle communication system for transportation, robotic, and military systems that enhanced each vehicle's situation assessment and awareness in military combats and have the potential to help create safer and more efficient highway systems.

After completing the TARDEC project, Mark was responsible for a turnaround of a large medical practice in which he automated processes and implemented a new web-based electronic medical record system reducing operating costs by 30%. He also developed a software-as-a-service enterprise mobile software platform for field service and logistics applications as Chief Technology Officer of 2GO Software. With very limited resources, he was able to turnaround 2GO's product lines from fragile to enterprise grade.

With a huge demand for innovative and scalable technology solutions, Mark and Scott Harper, formed Dialexa, a global product-focused technology development shop and consultancy. At Dialexa, Mark jointly spearheads with Scott Harper operations, strategy, local and international sales, product development, and engineering for clients and Dialexa Labs.