Mark Owen

I love learning new stuff. I love finding out about new things, delving into them, and then finding other related things that interest me.

You can see this with my blog posts. I started out writing about one area of technology (document management & compliance) and this has lead me to delve into all sorts of wonderful things - from social media, to TAM (Technology Adoption Model), to Psychology, to Philosophy. I love learning.

I am an outdoors kind of a guy. Love nature. Grew up in New Zealand breathing the fresh air, and climbing the mountains. Love carrying a pack on my back and heading off for a couple of days carrying everything I need (and sometimes, more than I need).

Best learning I had was at Outward Bounds in Anakiwa NZ. This is a place where you are challenged. You're in a group of 13 other people from different backgrounds, and you are challenged. If you are a loner, you are challenged to be part of the group. If you are a social person, you are challenged by the remoteness of the location, and the solitude. If you are not fit, you are challenged physically, and if you are fit, you are challenged by having to do everything at the pace of the slowest person. I did this 20 years ago and the valuable things I learnt there still influence who am I and how I handle things.

I work in IT, having moved from being pure technical to now being more business-oriented. But...

...that's not what defines me.