Mark Koekemoer

It is my mission to master my body and inspire everyone I meet to live a life empowered by their own health and fitness.

Of course I didn't always know this, but when I was fifteen I was thrown a curveball that hit me right in the pancreas, and gave me type 1 diabetes. :D I'll admit, it's been a bumpy ride - but getting this challenging condition has actually been one of the greatest gifts to me. Diabetes has empowered me to take my health into my hands and live more consciously, with respect and gratitude, to the one thing that will always be with me - my body.

"Without your health, you have nothing."

It's what I believe and I'm sticking to it! To me, being healthy means to understand how food impacts your body, it means playing a variety of sports and games, and being creative whether in the kitchen or on a canvas.

Besides geeking out on health, I love to move and have experience in a variety of sports. Currently my fix is CrossFit, which I also coach at Cape CrossFit in Cape Town. I'm an avid photographer (tumblr-mobile and SLR), love to draw and dig up healthy recipes to cook at home. Did I mention I love food?