Markku Tauriainen

About The Author: Markku Tauriainen was born in Finland, and has become one of the first Self-Made Publishing Author Entrepreneurs to conquerthe world´s thoughts with readers in 129 countries. Markku´s AboutMe profile have harvest over half million visitors in a year, which means 607,694 people to give a credit - Thank you so much!

He writes with fresh, easily comprehensible manner, about the doctrines of selling and of life, based on his personal experiences over +30 years (+10 years as a Holiday Resort Developer, Marketer)

Markku is running marathons for a reason ― to keep his writing full of enthusiasm and professionalism. He has traveled to +40 countries, demonstrating his successful sales skills, which are still his greatest passion. Only innovation and marketing will bring new customers…

Last two years, Markku has been planning a sustainable, energy independent holiday resort TauriSol to Mijas, Spain. His team, 6 former Nokia engineers, are meeting weekly in Oulu Finland, close to University and Oulu Innovation Alliance (OIA)

Markku´s book INSPIRE ME - Inspire Yourself have already helped many people in sales. This great book is available from Amazon

SUPER QUOTE - Professor of Entrepreneurship Arto Lahti, Aalto Uni Helsinki, Finland: “Everyone who is in business should absolutely read read this book