Markku Tauriainen

About The Author: Markku Tauriainen was born in Finland, and has become one of the first Self-Made Publishing Author Entrepreneurs to conquerthe world´s thoughts with readers in 129 countries. Markku´s AboutMe profile have harvest over half million visitors in 2014.

He writes with fresh, easily comprehensible manner, about the doctrines of selling and of life, based on his personal experiences over +30 years (+10 years as a Holiday Resort Developer, Marketer)

Markku is running marathons for a reason ― to keep his writing full of enthusiasm and professionalism. He has traveled to +40 countries, demonstrating his successful sales skills, which are still his greatest passion. Only innovation and marketing will bring new customers…

Last two years, Markku has been planning a sustainable, energy independent holiday resort TauriSol to Mijas, Spain. His team, 6 former Nokia engineers, are meeting weekly in Oulu Finland, close to University and Oulu Innovation Alliance (OIA)

Markku´s book INSPIRE ME - Inspire Yourself have already helped many people in sales. This great book is available from Amazon

SUPER QUOTE - Professor of Entrepreneurship Arto Lahti, Aalto Uni Helsinki, Finland: “Everyone who is in business should absolutely read read this book…”