Marlene Mendoza

Marlene is a film producer and commercial producer for local businesses, Executive Producer with Gilt Enter Films, Inc. She has a Master’s of Science in Management (Leadership), (Summa cum Laude 4.0) and a Bachelor's of Science in Management (Sales and Marketing). Our partner has worked with HBO! Let us entice your customers with the best commercial video!

Her company Gilt Enter Films, Inc. is an independent global film development, high end story and production company. They have a strong diversified presence in motion picture production. They provide production, business consulting, transformation leadership skills, sales and marketing management, marketing director, and talent management services. They have a blueprint for growth that combines the flexibility and entrepreneurial culture of an independent company with financial and strategic relationships worldwide.

Gilt Enter Films's mission statement is to put ethics first within our global teams, in marketing research, preparation, writing, interviewing, presenting, development and production of the product or service. Our promise is to create stories with substance, and give creative freedom to actors and filmmakers along with a share in our profits.

Marlene Mendoza is producing the upcoming film titled "The Mob: A Woman's Revenge" now in Pre-production which is based off an adaptation the novel authored by Marlene Mendoza and G. R. Holton. The film is a major budgeted production with A-list actors soom to be attached. She is producing "The Mob" based on 1930's era with Director Larry McLean, Billy Porter and Gary Van Haas scheduled for release 2015. As well as developing the screen adaptation of a book "Galaxy Watch (The Galacteran Legacy). She acquired financing for “Galaxy Watch” scheduled for release 2016 after “The Mob: A Woman's Revenge”.

We also produce documentary commercial video projects for local businesses in Palm Springs, CA. (for example 5-7 minute promos and trailers for films and for commercial purposes.

Marlene's newest venture is working on the film "The Family" with Thomas Raft Producer/Actor of Jefatov Films and Niels U. Basse of Azazello Productions. It's a Socio-drama film set for Scandinavian country.

Plus she is producing "Fearless Heart" Director Michael Givens that is a Socio-drama film about 1929 and the Great Depression. Marlene and Gail G