Mårten Thorslund

I am above all a father of two, husband for one, brother to two siblings, son to a mom and a dad, gardener of plenty, trailrunner for the love of it, friend of a few and quite frankly that's just scratching the surface.

I love to do outdoorsy adventurous stuff such as trailrunning, skiing (XC and downhill), mountainbiking, canoeing, hiking, and living in minimalism (downscale and oldschool) and of course a nice sauna comibined with a cooling bath.

Mother Nature bring so many small wonders of the world to life. I love to grow plants, herbs, veggies, flowers, picking leaves, berries, friut, plants and muhsrooms and to catch (and release) fish and I'd even take up hunting again soon.

I'm the co-founder of Glädjeknuff (www.gladjeknuff.se, in Swedish only).