martin burns

I'm Direct Sourcing Strategy & Technology Channel Lead at PwC, where I lead a team that develops and implement the firms recruiting technology & direct sourcing strategies. We test and deploy apps, develop new ways to create dynamic lists and talent pools, dig deep into social, go heavy on mobile, and use it all to not only source directly, but to enhance our external brand. I get to partner with leading lights in talent acquisition, both within PwC as well as external thinkers, which is terrific. There's lots of over the horizon work, as well as practical applications of technologies and sourcing techniques. Frankly, I’m a bit like a kid in a candy story.

It's terrific fun. If you're interested in joining a talent acquisition organization that's gearing up to shake up how recruitment happens, please feel free to reach out to me directly.

I'm also involved with the recruiting industry, where I muck around in the general conversation around who we are as an industry, and where we're going. I present at international conferences (ERE, iRecruit, and many others), as well as attend as many as possible as an active participant.

At a personal level, I'm a hack poet, fall-down-the-mountain-skier, and cook a decent risotto. You do not want to see me dance: it will haunt your dreams (and not in a good way).