Martin Röll

... and sometimes vice-versa.

Hello there! I come from Luxembourg, live in Meißen, Germany and travel lots.

I run a collaboration consulting company called Structure & Process that helps people work together.

For individual work enjoyment, I

  • help consultants, coaches and other in the helping professions rethink and improve finances, fees, marketing, sales and organisation.
  • take business fundamental of startups apart, helping founders gain solid business ground.
  • coach and mentor people, helping them find out what they want and how to act on it.

On a more private side, I

  • dance, teach, live and play contact improvisation.
  • provide relationship advice for people in unconventional relationship situations.
  • give meditation instructions and help people make sense of life, telling my own story (which involves Buddhist monasticism, "God", surrender and not-knowing.)

I work best in situations that are weird or unclear.

I generally like people, so if you'd like to get in touch, do; I'll probably like what you have to say. Business proposals very welcome: I enjoy work.

Have a very good day.