Marty Mankins

Published writer of fiction and short stories. Over twenty years of writing including a PDA-focused newsletter in the early 90's (Take It With You), an attempt at a gadget magazine (Portability!) and numerous freelance work for various tech journals, including Service News, NPA and ComputerEdge.

Blogging at Adult Beverages (2012) - alcohol and drinking posts and updates; Banal Leakage (2008) - personal blog, covering music and random subjects; and (2002) - LEGO, music and personal happenings. Working on a video podcast, a book trilogy and a comic strip for future consumption.

Video and film centric, I have created Scooter Sunday, a series of visually entertaining episodes recorded from my scooter rides during the warmer parts of the year. Further adventures are expanding into screenplays and filmmaking.