Matthew Dowling

Hey Gang! I'm using this as a temperary space while is under construction.

I'm the CEO of which I founded to share my love of film. I'm also the owner of which I started to pay the bills and to share my love of movie posters.

Currently, I live in the Los Angeles area with my family and I'm writing a series of books celebrating the best horror films ever made.

I have a passion for social media and helping others with their projects.

I'm on a quest to have as many unique and quality life experiences as I possibly can. Below is me at a quick glance.

  • Proud Father Of 2 Boys
  • Former Actor (though, I may go back)
  • Serial Entrepreneur
  • Movie Poster Aficionado
  • LEGO Junkie
  • KickStarter Addict
  • An Unusual Ability To Recall PopCulture

Now lets get social!