Matthew Johnson

Root Down is a new marketing, management, and strategy consulting company, based in Brooklyn. We partner with early stage and high growth companies that we believe in that are looking for seasoned marketing expertise to help guide them through the challenges of growing revenues through digital channels.

Previously, I ran marketing at Tough Mudder from 2011-2013 where the team generated growth from $20m to $120m of revenue in just 2 years. Before that, I led marketing at Seamless, where I oversaw the design, development, launch, and marketing of the company's B2C websites, which had grown to more than $150m of revenue and 1 million customers before I moved on.

Originally from Vail, Colorado, I double majored in marketing and entrepreneurship at Georgetown before moving to NYC in 2003. I live in Williamsburg and spend my spare time trying to get better at photography, soccer, and DJing.

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