Matt Harris

I'm founder of UK based creative digital agency Pixelwork, co-founder of Mobile Explorer , director of The Explorers Museum, a Fellow of The Explorers Club and the Royal Geographical Society.

Some Random Facts :

  • I'm a Yachtmaster & PADI instructor
  • I've worked as a treasure hunter in the Bahamas
  • I've swum from Alcatraz Island (in under 30 minutes)
  • I've been held at gunpoint in Cuba and Italy (un-related!)
  • I've surfed in Central America, skydived in Vegas and been robbed in New York
  • I found a WWII plane for the US National Park Service
  • I've tested a new re-breather for Drager
  • I've dived at a nuclear test site in the Pacific
  • I've skippered a yacht around Cape Fear in a force 9 gale
  • I've spearfished in a great white shark hunting ground
  • I've owned more wetsuits than business suits
  • I have a separated shoulder from downhill mountain biking.

I also snowboard, race on downhill mountain & road bikes, run marathons, race in long distance open water swims, and also compete regularly as a triathlete in all distances up to, and including, Ironman.

Despite all this my kids still call me "a silly old man in his glasses".