Matthew Marley

I have over a decade of experience working for some of the world’s largest and most innovative technology companies, including HP, Dell, SAP and Samsung. During this time, I have developed my skills in many aspects of digital communications.

I bring a unique combination of strategic thinking,creative vision and technical knowledge. My passion is for the web, and how it continues to evolve, changing the way we consume and share information, collaborate, communicate, and do business

Today, I’m a Senior Consultant at Brightfire specialising in Social Media & SEO where I’m responsible for the development and execution of digital strategies for our clients, who include some of the world’s fastest growing tech companies.

I work closely with clients helping them to plan, develop and implement organic search, social media and content strategies that deliver key business objectives and provide a measurable ROI.

I'm also a Hootsuite UK Diplomat where my role is to act as the bridge between HootSuite HQ and the HootSuite community in Scotland. The overall goal of the HootSuite Envoy and Ambassador program is to create a fun, global community of like-minded HootSuite super fans and users in which they can showcase and best put to use their unique skills and experience as part of the HootSuite global team.

When I'm not working you will normally find me online. I'm very active on most social platforms, including, Twitter, Facebook and Google and LinkedIn as this allows me to stay current with the latest industry news, trends and connected with some of the digital industry's leading influencers and thought leaders.

You can also find me over at where I cover everything from search, social, mobile, and the latest web trends and technologies.