Max Pen

I'm a 21 year old male from Belgium who goes by the name of Max Pen but in real life is called Matthias Van Dooren. I have a variation of hobbies and I'm also busy with coming up with new unique project ideas and maintaining my own webmaster projects.

My main occupation as of now is working on Miscy Networks and its sub-sites and sub-networks.

Hobbies/about me/principles/character traits:

  1. Reading. May it be books, articles, newspaper, etc...
  2. Eating good food. I don't eat fastfood though sometimes I do enjoy a good burger. :)
  3. Watching movies/series. Who doesn't?
  4. Helping people out where I can. Life is about expierience and using it to help others.
  5. Travelling. Seeing a bit of the world never bores me!
  6. Other cultures. I am always interested in knowing how other cultures live and more.
  7. Writing. May it be poems, quotes or stories. I do enjoy making them when I got the time/inspiration.
  8. Gamer. Used to be quite the gamer before my webmaster days... Now I'm getting back into gaming.
  9. Webmaster/forumer. I enjoy being a hobby webmaster and frequent visitor of some forums/websites.
  10. Debater. I like to debate about a wide range of subjects.
  11. Thinker. I think alot about many things. Sometimes to much. XD
  12. Learner. Above all... I love to learn new things in life and teach if possible to others.
  13. Respect. I respect all that also respect all others. This means if due to your faith you cannot accept certain people... I may not respect you.
  14. Faith: I'm no believer in God. I do believe in something that is beyond life.
  15. Lazy. My biggest enemey and preventing me from reaching the stars.
  16. Dedicated. I can be a hard worker.
  17. When I do something, I try to do it good.
  18. ETC... To much to list here!

E-mail me when you got a question for me. :)

Thanks and a good day to you! =)