Patrick McCarron

I've always had an obsession with gadgets. When the smartphones started to be releaed I had a new one once or twice a year. I was never happy with the usability of the software or the devices themselves. I dabbled in creating software for the platforms, but nothing I stuck with because of how painful the phones were to use.

The iPhone unveil changed all that and I wanted to make stuff for it. So I created one of the first iPhone apps, the game iBlackjack, in August 2007 long before the AppStore and SDK was created. From that point on I've developed many iOS apps for both the AppStore and later enterprise use.

Soon after I decided to persue this as my new career. I then joined a small app company MobileAge where I was responsible for designing and developing their suite of apps. I handled the port of Activision's Shanghai Mahjong for iOS as well as an app version of Leonard Maltin's 1000 page movie tome: Leonard Maltin's Movie Guide. We also made games out of the of Obsessed With... trivia game books & the initial version of Wine Enthusiast's Guide app (which is no longer available).

In 2011, I joined my friends at Stand Alone, Inc. doing iOS work along with creating one of the first Game Center turn by turn games Words Play, the manual organizer Manual Override, and the ever popular game Crosswords. We also worked on many AppStore and Enterprise apps for our contract clients.

In addition to making apps I am avid video game geek who has been writing game FAQs, websites and guides for many video games since the 90s. I currently manage the site