Patrick McCarron

I'm an iOS and Mac app developer from Chicago. I created one of the first iPhone games back in August 2007 before the AppStore and SDK was created. I since continued to work full time on developing many iPhone, iPad and Mac apps. In 2011 I joined my friends at Stand Alone, Inc. doing contract iOS/Mac work along with creating our latest project the words game Words Play and the popular Crosswords.

I have also developed the following apps for MobileAge before joining Stand Alone: Shanghai Mahjong, Obsessed With Hollywood, Blackjack 21, Leonard Maltin Movie Guide & Wine Enthusiast Guide

In addition to making apps I am a video game geek who has been writing game FAQs, websites and guides for many video games since the 90s. I currently run and write for one of the longest running Mortal Kombat fansites The Realm of Mortal Kombat aka TRMK

I'm a die hard Chicago Cubs fan and have been "bleeding Cubbie blue" since I was first introduced to the team on WGN TV in my youth. 

I can be found on Twitter as @McCarron

I'm also McCarron on Xbox Live and Apple's Game Center.