Daniel McClintock

My passions include coffee, creating communicative UI and experiential UX, writing c/lean code in Sublime Text 3, responsive web development, haute design, bleeding edge concepts, and coffee.

I can dream in SCSS and HTML5, and have been known to code in my sleep.

/*======= I BELIEVE: =======*/

  • UI must look beautiful,
    but UX must feel beautiful
  • Silence, expressed in design,
    can be wonderful
  • If they understood you,
    they wouldn't need you
  • Code is more than poetry...
    it's a canvas, too
  • Less is more...
    except with pre-processors
  • Power-outages before saves
    produce the best finished product
  • SASS, Bootstrap, WP, Open Source,
    ST3, & Alfred. 'Nuff said.