Megan Stoll

Megan (Mudd) Stoll graduated from Truman State University in May 2006 with a BFA in Visual Communications. She currently has over five years of experience as an interactive & print designer.

Originally from St. Louis, MO, she considers herself a loyal St. Louis Cardinals fan. She is also a huge pop culture buff and has a diverse music collection on her iPod that ranges from Top 40, musicals, rap, new wave and oldies.

One strange thing that she's noticed is that anywhere she goes, it seems that she runs into someone she knows. That makes her a firm believer in the six degrees of separation, and who knows? Maybe she could give Kevin Bacon a run for his money someday.

Her dream job would be acting in a successful comedy sitcom, such as "Friends," "How I Met Your Mother," or "The Big Bang Theory."

The dapper man next to her in this picture is her really awesome husband, Kevin.