Meir Kalmanson

Meir Kalmanson, aka. "The Kalminator" has been on the scene for awhile now. Haven't heard of him ay? Hmmm makes sense because he's only been BACKPACKING THE WORLD for the past 2 and some years!!! Yea, pretty crazy!
His travels and experiences have taken him to places where have only read in books or seen on TV. From having tea with local Tibetan Villagers to Mt. Everest Base Camp and becoming known as the Wedding Crasher in Rajasthan, Indian.
Meir has a unique voice ( yea he sings too, but not that kind of voice per say) a voice that expresses his feeling, view, and environment around him.
POSITIVE ENERGY! That's one way to describe him, Outgoing friendly, like long walks in the park, but enough about that because he's taken ladies, he in love, in love with film, adventure and bringing to life new ideas, perhaps a dream or a thought into actuality... and he's good... very good.
He's a storyteller.
His story and yours, the lives of all beings on this magnificent earth have a story, an idea, a dream. Passion is key and thankfully that's what he has.
Researchers came together to figure out, “what, oh what makes a person creative?”
Do you know what they discovered?
The people who did not believe they were creative, weren't, but those who believed, "YES, I am creative! I have vision! I can take an apple and slice it, dice it, take the essence, the core, and transform it into something so much greater to what most preserve it, yes, though's people were the creative ones.
BOOM! That just blew your mind...
You got an apple? Let him plant the seed and watch it grow... into a double rainbow.