Melissa Sterry

Design scientist and futurist Melissa Sterry is known as a champion of new science, technology and thinking that serves to make the world a better place. Her work is concerned with researching and developing a vision of what successful change may look like and supporting others on a journey towards it.

For more than a decade, Melissa has worked to integrate pioneering sustainability thinking into mainstream business and society. A recipient of several innovation, creativity and enterprise awards, including the Mensa Education and Research Foundation International Award for enhancing intelligence that benefits society, Melissa divides her time in equal parts between research, development, enterprise and communication.

Having migrated from designer to design scientist, with a career heavily focused on emergent technology and its applications, Melissa has worked with leading-edge innovation for more than two decades, of which the past fourteen have been at executive board level.

Listed in the Future 100 next generation entrepreneurs in 2008, further accolades include being a '40 over 40 Women to Watch' 2014 honoree and inductee of the Global Women Inventors and Innovators Network Hall of Fame in 2009.

A visiting fellow, visiting lecturer and guest critic at several leading European architecture and design research institutes including Ravensbourne, SOBE, IaaC, The Bartlett and AA School, Melissa is published in over 60 international titles, including the Global Innovation Science Handbook.

Melissa has contributed as a keynote speaker, panelist, panel chair and/or workshop host at more than fifty leading international conferences, seminars, festivals, awards ceremonies, and product launches in regions including UK, USA, Europe and Russia.

An MPhil/PhD researcher at Advanced Virtual and Technological Architecture Research group at University of Greenwich, her interests in science, technology and design converge in the Bionic City®, which posits the potential of the city as a complex regenerative and adaptive system that mimics biological resilience strategies.

Underway since January 2010, Bionic City® engages a global community of interest through media including workshops, talks, publications and social media, including its Flipboard magazine, which has over 121,000 readers.