Born in NYC, Dave Menace started making his mark on the world of music as an infant singing and dancing away to the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack. Everyday.

By age five he graduated to rock n' roll, hanging with the biker gangs of
LIC, and developing the devious mind. High School proved a training ground
for management skills, orchestrating chaos and the occasional lab fire.

A more mature Mr. Menace found himself tinkering with audio systems and
entering the world of production along while honing his DJ skills. In the
early naughts, he founded Alternative Pinups Productions as an all inclusive
event production service. 2004-2008 saw this service flourish with BYTE,
named Best Party at the 2008 L-Magazine Nightlife Awards. Whether touring
with fellow rockstars, DJ'ing at a local club, or sitting at home, Menace is
most comfortable surrounded by that which he loves most, the music.

Nowadays, you can catch Menace partying it up with the beautiful ladies of
burlesque at SUGAR and Brick City Burlesque, and rocking it out with POP ROCKS Saturdays and the upcoming AlterLatino. In addition to these public events, he still maintains ALTERNATIVE PINUPS PRODUCTIONS, providing planning, audio, video, photography, and talent services for your events, public and private; specializing in weddings, concert production, and nightlife events. As a DJ, Menace focuses on all styles of rock, 80's, latin alternative, and electronic dance music.