Mercedes Calcano

Mercedes is a time traveler, a long-life learner and adventurer, in love with the magic of being alive and a firm believer in the alchemy of art. She is passionate about bringing the extraordinary into ordinary life and easy the way for others to dare to dream and allow possibilities to shape their experiences. She sees beauty, depth and the journey of exploration as a path to re-encounter with the poetry of being human. Through metaphors, colors, textures and dancing lines of music, Mercedes wants to inspire others to unveil the artist within, share their unique talents, have the courage to "Be" and recreate themselves in an atmosphere of tolerance, respect and wonder for the magnificent gift of sharing this time and space together.


Mercedes’ purpose is to use her creativity and passion to facilitate and inspire others to befriend their unique inner world allowing vulnerability and freedom of expression to become part of the daily life as a means to improve essential skills, deepen our interactions, and contribute with the sense of personal fulfillment and expansion necessary to bring tolerance and peace for the world.