Maurice Politis

Computational Science Technical stuff at the University of Western Macedonia (Kozani, Greece), Environmental Technology Laboratory - Department of Mechanical Engineering and an Affiliated researcher at the Laboratory of Inorganic Materials at the Chemical Process Engineering Research Institute (Thessaloniki, Greece).

System administrator of the University’s High Performance Computer Clusters (Gigabit and Infiniband). I have a Masters in Chemical and Bioprocess Engineering from the University of Surrey, UK and a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Western Macedonia. What little I have contributed in research is in the area of random heterogeneous materials (e.g. composites, colloids, polymer blends, bone and wood) with the aspiration to apply a unified methodology to characterize quantitatively the microstructure of disordered heterogeneous materials using theoretical and high-performance computer-simulation techniques. I'm also an enthusiastic trail-runner and user of social web flavor-of-the month apps, all sort of gadgets and other geeky stuff :)