Michael Cote

Hi! I'm a Climate Change Adaptation and Development Specialist based in Washington, DC. As a government contractor, I manage parts of USAID's Climate Change Adaptation program, called Climate Change Resilient Development (CCRD). CCRD has projects in over 30 developing countries.

Under CCRD, I'm the Communications Manager of the overall program. With a team of writers, editors, and videographers, we produce technical and guidance reports, factsheets, videos, webinars, and white papers.

As Project Coordinator of the High Mountain Adaptation Partnership (HiMAP), which implements climate adaptation science and policy in the Andes and Himalayan mountain regions. I manage a $1.3 million budget, workplan, and deliverables schedule.

I'm also a Climate Adaptation Technical Adviser, and provide technical analysis of climate impacts and options for addressing climate vulnerability to USAID.

You can view my full CV here
Professional and media inquiries: email

Publications: International Journal of Climate Change, Climate Policy, Berkeley Planning Journal, GOOD, The New Planner, and many others