Michael E. Cote

Hi! I'm a Climate Change Adaptation Specialist based in Washington, DC, currently co-managing USAID's Climate Change Adaptation project, called Climate Change Resilient Development (CCRD). CCRD has projects in over 25 developing countries.

I wear a few hats on CCRD. First, I'm the Project Coordinator of the High Mountain Adaptation Partnership (HiMAP), which implements climate adaptation science and policy in the Andes and Himalayan mountain regions. I manage a $1.3 million budget, annual workplan, field scientists, and technical and scientific deliverables schedule. HiMAP

I'm also the Communications Manager of the overall CCRD contract. I manage a team of environmental writers, editors, designers and videographers, and we produce climate adaptation oriented communications products for a variety of government agency and research institutional audiences.

Finally, I'm the Technical Lead for an urban planning technology project in Vietnam. We've installed a special software in several city's urban planning offices. Called Climate IMPACT – Decision Support Tool (CIMPACT-DST), the technology is a hand-tailored climate adaptation decision making software tool. CIMPACT-DST assists planners identify climate vulnerabilities to development zones from down-scaled climate models. The software also provides urban planners with alternative building scenarios. A nationwide, country-scale version is in development.

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