Michael de Groot - Staying Alive UK

The world wide web is spinning ever faster and we’re continually overwhelmed with more information and data. Business and Consumers are 65% advanced through their decision making process before they contact us or our organisations. In the UK there are just under 1 million 'NEETS' (Young people 'Not in Education, Employment or Training')

So WHY am I doing this, what's my Mission?

✩ 'Significantly Enhance the Economic Prospects' of 1 million Young People in the UK.

✩ Compress 'Social Selling Success' for 100,000 Business Professionals Globally.

HOW do I deliver this wonderful Mission?

✩ Predominantly through Online Education; Video, Apps and Google Hangout.

✩ Live lectures and workshops, in workplaces and at my own public events.

✩ One to one private LinkedIn coaching sessions.

WHAT exactly is it that I do?

✩ Deliver LinkedIn Masterclasses (#LinkedInstinct), teaching you Social Selling and Lead Generation skills through the ’4 Stages of LinkedIn; Profile, Grow, Behave and Sell ©’. 30-days free support after each LinkedIn Masterclass.

✩ Provide you access to my 2-hour online video course, ’Mastering Your Profile on LinkedIn’. £35 ($49)

✩ Produce a Whiteboard Animation, for you to share your or your company's story in 90 seconds for use on your LinkedIn Profile and elsewhere.