Michael de Groot - Staying Alive UK


  • Show 100,000 Business Professionals how to compress ‘Social Selling Success’ with LinkedIn.
  • Train 1 million young people in the UK how to enhance their ‘Economic Prospects’ using LinkedIn.
  • Share 1000 Whiteboard Animation stories for companies or individuals who wish to share their story.



Our journey on the web has changed the behaviour of business buyers and consumers alike. We will never be able to go back to the old days. Social Selling is the new revolution in Sales and unless we embrace it now, we will have a mountain to climb over the coming years.


Whether you are a student looking for your first career, an accomplished business professional or a teacher who needs to develop links with employers. LinkedIn is your essential resource to make connections with individuals who can help you to deliver your ideas, business growth and career development.

I support you by teaching you the 4 stages of LinkedIn: Profile, Grow, Behave and Sell®


We all love stories. We read books, watch TV and visit the Cinema to satisfy our appetite for stories. We also love drawing whether we’re any good at it or not. And watching a story unfold through the medium of drawings right in front of our eyes captivates our imagination. For me Whiteboard Animation is the modern storytelling medium for the web. Discover more about how you can ’Share your Story’.