Michael J. Laine

President LiftPort Group - The Elevator to Space Companies; Past President International Space University US Alumni Association; Co-Founder, Space Finance Group, Director, Space Literacy Foundation, and Leeward Space Foundation; Space Finance Group, Advisor International Space Elevator Consortium.

A Futurist that creates his future. Author, Speaker, Consultant, Visionary, Student and "...a really nice guy."

I have been working for 13 years on building something that most people consider science fiction: an Elevator to Space. And even though, at this moment, Earth's Elevator is impossible, there are steps we can take - now - that will move us in the right direction - the Lunar Space Elevator Infrastructure. We can do research, make strategic and tactical investments; we can communicate and develop outreach and education programs. We can do this, today. And it will make a difference.

It will make a difference, even if we fail. Because the steps we take to determine whether it is'possible' or 'impossible', are worth the effort.

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