Michael Marcondes
The following story is based on true events. I was born on a Wednesday night during the winter of 1979 in a town called Curitiba which is located in the South of Brazil.History REPORTS that it was 6ºC / 42ºF that night. The day I came, NASA Skylab space station returned to Earth after being in orbit for 6 years and 2 months. Did I come inside the Skylab? Well I don`t think so. A few would disagree with me! Five days later it became the TIME MAGAZINE cover story. In that same year STAN BARRETT attempted to break the Land Speed Record. History tell us that he achieved Mach 1.01. Apparently there were no one recording his speed. What? What a shame! He would be the first man to break the sound barrier if they had recorded the speed. Time went by and I was introduced to computers and technology.When I was a kid we use to have a TK3000 ( Apple II compatible machine ) at home where I use to draw some pixels. I remember very well my first work in 3D, I was turning 14 years of age at that time. My role was to do some fire animations for a game, it was done in 3DStudio R4. I still have it on the shelf at my office! Many nights and many "renders in progress" later, and here I am! During all these years I´ve worked with many applications on pretty much all operational systems around and met inspiring and wise people that helped me see life from a different perspective. I continue to learn each day seeking for new adventures in this big blue canvas!